The Street Art of Kyiv, Ukraine

I’m heading back to the United States, but managed to work in my return flight from the capital of Ukraine. With only 48 hours and darkening skies, I only managed to see a few spots around Kviv including some incredible street art.

Flock O’ Crows: Alexandr Britcev
Lilly of the Valley: Guido van Helten
Car Carousel: M-City
Rodents by Roa
Emmanuel Jarus

Sebastian Velasco
Blue Birds: Taras Arm
Time for Change by Waone
Upside Down Girl: Fintan Magee
Children by Konstantin Skrytutskyi

There’s a really fun area called Peizazhna Sculpture Alley with some unique pieces. Well worth a stop if you’re ever in the area.

Random building shots: